DIY Survival 3


We cannot determine when will the disaster come, because  just like what we have learn in our disaster subject , it hits any place at any period . It also sees no religion , color , or type of people. Disaster can cause loss of life and property, as well as injuries. It can also destroy buildings and other establishments. So to lessen the effect of it, we should have enough knowledge on how to prepare for a disaster. Here are some tips.
*Always watch news, for you to know if there is something strange happen in weather or in land activity.
*Make sure that you know where you put your important document .
*Always make an survival kit it is composed of food, water, clothes, medicine, and other basic needs. but always change then they are about to expire.


DIY Survival 2


For just a few money and effort, you can build a “Diy survival kit ” that’ll get you out of all kinds of disaster. The survival kit is intended to supplement the regular contents of a Go Bag. It should be worn at all times and separate from the backpack. Don’t leave house without it during any kind of disaster.
Building your survival kit from scratch is one most satisfying, yet intimidating projects you’ll ever attempt. Although, you’re putting together a kit that could save your life, and the lives of those with you.But build your kit wrong and you could be in an awful mess.

Here is a examples of the stuff we packed into your kits.

Emergency Whistle – Signaling for help. Much louder than your voice and uses very little energy to produce a sound that travels far.

FIRST AID – This kit has about everything you need. Buying individual items is TOO expensive
+Assorted Bandages
+Alcohol Prep Pads
+Gauze Pads
+Antibiotic Salve
+Medical Tape – Small Roll
+Tweezers – Scavenge from Home
+Safety Pins – Scavenge from Home

Water Purification Straw – Filters nasty stuff from water without boiling or tablets. Long life span.

One each of gallon- and quart-size zipper-lock bags for holding water and building stills; the bags should have wide mouths so you can skim for water and reach into crevices.

Heavy-duty space blanket with grommets and reflective side for shelter and signaling.

Extra knife- should be all-purpose with a fixed, double-edged, carbon-steel blade that can throw a spark.

Firestarters- cotton balls saturated with petroleum jelly and stuffed in a film container pack the smallest, but you can also use chips or other dry, fatty foods or even dryer lint coated with paraffin.

Mini flashlight with spare bulb.

Dental floss -a tough string for many uses.

Cigarette lighter- get a bright color so you won’t lose it.

Brightly colored bandanna- doubles as a pot holder, hat, and water filter.

DIY Survival 1

by: Adrian Cuevas

Things you might need in order to survive…

            Stranded on an island? Lost in the wilderness? A victim of a disaster? Or maybe just one of the crazy adventurer in the world? Then, this is for you!
           Th basic needs/things you needed to survive are water, shelter, food, air, and clothing. Yes, everyone knows that, but what if you are lost in an unknown place or hitted by a disaster by surprise? Then you should see this awesome survival kits!
           This bathroom first aid kit will make you seem responsible and prepared AF. It contains bandages, gloves, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide, antiseptic wipes and more! Find the full list on Mom Advice.


This camping kit will calm down even the least outdoor people on the trip. It contains duct tape, wet wipes, dish soap, fly swatter, SPF chapstick, flashlight/torch, biscuits, and more! Find the full list on
The Benson Street.


This cuty-tiny kit can handle any small survival things you needed. It may contains band-aids, SPF chapstick, pills or anything that you can fit in there. Find out more on
Chasing Green. This kit may looks like small, but it may come in HANDY.




            So yeah. These are some of the survival kits that will make you safe, responsible, and comforted everytime! Well, it depends on how grave the disaster or your situation is. And again, please try to have even one of these kits with you or inside your house all the time. Be safe everyone! Take care!

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